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Database Management Solution

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WinSQL is an ODBC
ThinSQL is a free
compliant database
applet-servlet utility that
development solution that
connects to an SQL server
streamlines day-to-day tasks
over the Internet. It's
related to databases.
compatible with proxy
WinSQL works with any
servers and network
ODBC compliant database
firewalls because it uses
including, but not limited
HTTP as its main method of
to, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MS
SQL Server, Informix, MS
ThinSQL can be used
Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL,
to add, remove, modify, and
and more. WinSQL's
retrieve data. Features
simple, yet powerful,
include: Works with any
graphical user interface
database accessible via
allows you to easily submit
JDBC, Works with any Java
SQL queries, browse the
Servlet Server, Add, remove,
database catalog, view the
modify, and retrieve data,
relationships among
Freeware (not
different entities, and
ThinSQLpro), Thin
more. WinSQL uses
client (<30k), No
database specific plugins to
plugin, no client
extend default ODBC
installation, No expensive
behaviour - in other words
application, No need of a
these plugins start where
RMI-supported browser, and
ODBC ends.
Encoded data send to the
server (Base64). The Web
server in use must be
servlet enabled; the
database that is accessed
must be JDBC compatible.

Date: Jul, 29 2004

Date: Jul, 08 2000
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